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Re-View, Re-Do & Re-New

12 Steps To Re-Vive Your Business (Part 4 of 4)
Re-Vamp | Refresh | Re-live 

10. Re-Vamp!
Every year professional teams take a hard look at their playbook. They bring in new coaches to replace the ones who didn’t develop winning plays. Even the Los Angeles Lakers are now trying a new offense instead of the triangle they have used for years. What plays do you call over and over, year after year? Have you called any new plays lately? Your management style most likely is not the best in today’s competitive marketplace to maximize the bottom-line results you want. Perhaps it’s time to RE-VAMP your field, project management, and operational systems.

Make a list of the systems and procedures you have in place which guarantee and deliver consistent results every time. Then make a list of all the problems you have experienced over the last year that has cost your company money. Then decide which problems can be solved with new plays for your team to use. For example, if you are challenged with getting paid for extra work, create a system for field changes and implement it companywide. If your employees are not being productive, challenge them to design a productivity program that increases their efficiency. If you are not achieving your project goals on a regular basis, facilitate a discussion of your team leaders and develop a system to achieve every project goal.

11. Re-Fresh!
Even winning professional teams take a break between seasons to rejuvenate. I like reading how athletes spend their time off. Most go back to their hometowns and hang out with family and friends, fish, golf, hunt, workout, do nothing, and refresh. This allows them to return to training ready to hit it even harder with renewed energy. How much time do you give yourself on a regular basis to renew?

I was speaking at a company annual convention in New Orleans earlier this year. The opening party was incredible. They had a mardi-gras parade for the group with music, jugglers, clowns, and lots of beads to throw. At the party there was a fortune teller offering advice. She approached me and asked if I wanted her ideas on my situation. She told me I needed more down time in my life. I rebutted that I play golf two or three times a week and take lots of trips with my wife. She smiled and said that sounds like work, not relaxation. She was right. I fill my down time with competitive activities or meaningful work. I rarely sit down and do nothing, read a novel at the beach, or just swim in the ocean. Wow! Stop and smell the roses. To continue building your business, take time to RE-FRESH on a regular basis. Take regular two or three day breaks to do nothing. And take a two week vacation every year. You deserve it. Plus your customers and employees will appreciate the new you too.

12. Re-Live!
Every once in a while, I dream about owning a golf course. I imagine as the owner, I will get to play golf every day, be surrounded by my golfing buddies, have lots of fun, and make money enjoying my hobby. But the fantasy becomes reality when I talk to a friend who actually owns a local golf course. He works seven days a week, sixty to eighty hours per week, is on call full time, and rarely plays any golf. Not the dream I had in mind. Are you living your dream? Is your company delivering exactly what you want it to? Why not? Never forget your dream. Write down specifically what you want your business to do for you. Next decide what you must do to turn your fantasy into reality. RE-LIVE it every day by reviewing your wish list and taking the actions required.

Think like a winning coach. Stop and RE-VIEW where you have been, the results you have accomplished, and what changes you need to RE-DO your company to develop a winning team. Starting over gives you the ability to go in new directions, change what doesn’t work, and capitalize on what gives you’re the biggest return. For example, every year you decide if you’ll RE-NEW the magazine subscriptions you subscribe to or not based on which you like or give you’re the biggest bang for your buck. Do the same in your company every year. Decide which strategies, plays, and players you will RE-NEW to build a champion.