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Stop Waiting For It To Get Better!

Give Thanks For Opportunities!
Over the next few weeks, give thanks for what you’ve got, not what you’ve lost or don’t have anymore! One thing you have is a clean plate to start building upon. Make some good decisions about your future. Spend some quality time with your family. And emerge stronger and wiser. Consider joining one of our Circles or Roundtable Peer Groups – they may be one of the pieces to get your puzzle started on the road to recovery. But for sure, make a decision to stop waiting for it to get better!


Welcome To My Official BLOG!

The purpose of this BLOG is to help entrepreneurs and small business owners to get their companies to work exactly the way they want them to work.

I have been speaking to business audiences since 1992 on the subject of building your business. Currently I speak 50 times every year to companies and associations on the topic of building profits, customers, people, and wealth. My e-newsletter has over 5,500 subscribers who get my advice every month as well. Plus I have written a series of 8 workbooks and CD’s entitled “The Business Success Blueprint.” I also hold two day boot camps open to business owners and principals called “Profit Builder Circles” held every few months around the country.

Now the birth of two new exciting projects. This BLOG and my book entitled

“Get Your Business To Work!  – 7 Steps To Earning More, Working Less & Living The Life You Want.  Fell free to click here for more details about the book.

I hope my continuous business ownership advice will benefit you greatly and help you reach your business and personal goals. The purpose of owning a business is to have it deliver what you want from it. To make that happen, you have to operate your business like an owner and make strategic business decisions. You have to get organized and replace yourself with systems so your business will run like a machine. You have to let go and get your people to do what you want them to do so you can invest your time doing what brings your company the greatest return.

Are you ready to get your business to work? Keep reading and learning. See you at the bank!

Visit my website to learn more about the services offered for business and entrepreneurs: www.hardhatpresentations.com