What makes you unique and different than your competitors?

What did I learn in 2010? In spite of the economy, many companies are doing well while most are struggling. The companies who are looking towards a good year offer a different approach to their business and a unique delivery process that sets themselves apart from their competition.

  • The successful landscape contractors offer full design and build services and don’t limit their scope of work to only a single part of the overall process. Their customers want full service and don’t argue about the price.
  • The successful waterproofing company focuses on customers who appreciate the extra service and quality their competition doesn’t provide. They are known as the best in the business. Their staff attends several hours of training every year to continually improve.
  • The concrete businesses who are still doing well specialize in the tough jobs that take some brains and technical skills. Their competition is very limited if any. And they make a lot of money while 99% of concrete competitors try to look for the standard jobs to bid and sell low price to get work.
  • The auto service business makes their distinction by developing repeat customers and trying to help get their customer’s cars to last 200,000 miles. Unique and effective.

What entices your customers to pay more for your service and keep you loaded with work and profit? The choice is yours: Be the same as everyone else or do business different!

Tell me what you are implementing in 2011 that helps you improve your business bottom line and they way your clients do business with you.


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