Do You Have Your Act Together?

A balanced and ‘On-Purpose” business is never built with good intentions. It happens when the business owner stays focused on what really matters. As you observe successful and profitable business owners who have their act together, think about:

What characteristics set them apart?
What do you admire about them?
What’s their primary focus?
How do they spend their time?
Do they get to their priorities?
What’s their key to success?
What do they do that you don’t?
What don’t they do that you do?

Successful Business Owners Live Their Priorities!
When you observe successful business owners, you notice they live their priorities. I have a very successful business friend who owns a major construction company we compete against. His company is continually recognized as providing the best service and quality in our marketplace. Plus, he makes lots of money, and seems to have lots of time for his family, friends and customers. He surrounds himself with a top management team. He makes customers his top business priority. I see him at the golf course weekly with a foursome of well know business executives and customers. He annually hosts numerous customer fishing trips to Alaska and other outings. In addition, he takes several extended vacations with his friends to great golf resorts, and weekends with his wife and children on a regular basis. He is truly living his priorities. And his personal and business bottom-line is doing very well as a result.

Check Your Priority Scale!
When you put immediate business pressures first, you don’t have time for the important things that make you the most money and give you the greatest returns

Continually Ask Yourself:
– Is this a good use of my money, my time or my energy?
– Is this activity moving me towards achieving my targets
   and goals?
– Am I doing what I should or want to be doing?
– Am I living my priorities or someone else’s?

It is meaningless to waste energy on doing things right, while doing the wrong things. The more problems you fix for others, the less they do for you. Employees work for their boss. The boss doesn’t work for employees. As soon as you realize the reason for having employees is to get them to do what you want them to do, allow you do grow your business, allow you to make more money, and allow you to work on your top priorities, the sooner you’ll start getting your business to work for you.

Only accomplishing YOUR priorities will make your business successful. But, if you never get to them, your business will continue to struggle and you’ll have to keep doing all the ‘important’ work yourself. The more you do, the less they’ll do! The more you do tasks that your employees should be doing, the less you’ll make! What are your priorities this week? What will make you the most money and give you the greatest return over the long haul? What activities will give you the greatest return – taking a loyal customer to a major league baseball game or sitting at your computer and ordering all the materials needed to keep your employees working today?


One response to “Do You Have Your Act Together?

  1. Excellent summary of what it takes to be successful. I agree that balance between work and personal life escapes many of us. For those new to our industry, I would caution you that, while our industry is exciting and challenging, it can suck you in and blind you to a lack of balance in your life. George, thanks for sharing this.


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