How to Keep Customers Loyal

I received an email from a small service business owner having trouble. He is losing customers when their technicians leave and take customers with them when they quit and go to work for a competitor. He is concerned his marketing and sales plan must not be working, I was puzzled.

Why do his service technicians leave his company and why do they take the service work with them? Perhaps he needs a better employee retention program and a better customer loyalty program. The problem is not with his employees or customers. The problem lies within how he runs his business and prioritizes his time. Keeping customers loyal is simple: go see them on a regular basis, take them to lunch, send them thank you cards, and show them you care about them. They are not your employee’s customers. They belong to your company. Keep them by making customers a top priority. Treat them like you want to keep them instead of just doing the work and sending them an invoice as your thank-you gift. Keeping employees is another simple task. What do you do to motivate, recognize, appreciate, and train your key people? Do you let them into your management decisions and let them feel like they contribute to the success of your company’s future? Do you compensate them based on results and acquiring new customers? Employees leave because their employers don’t give them a reason to stay. Think about your company and what you do to find and keep customers and employees. Perhaps you have to do something different with your time and money to make more money.

Consider one of my workbooks and cd sets for sale on my website entitled: “Sell More Than Price” and “Profit-Driven Leadership”.  This will be a helpful tool when looking to improve customer retention and relationships.


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